About Metropolitan Farms

Industry defining in design and operation. Metropolitan Farms’ mission is to grow fresh food in the city where it is eaten. We believe this will result in a healthier, more secure and environmentally sustainable food system.

Meet The Team

Benjamin Elliot Kant


He is a dreamer and doer who relishes building Metropolitan Farms, turning vision into reality. Metro Farms solves problems, and also demonstrates how biological technologies can bring the natural world closer to the urban one. Benjamin has a deep affinity for aquatic creatures and plants. He also has a background in finance and management with degrees from the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC), the University of St. Andrews, Brandeis University and is a LEED AP.


Education/Outreach Manager and Greenhouse Advisor

If you walk in to a day at MetroFarms, you’ll likely find Ashley hunkered over a plant, pipe, or pad of paper puzzling out a problem. She is one who wears many hats, and is eager to figure out how to get that small seed and tiny fry to produce beautiful produce and tilapia on a weekly basis. Ashley has spent the last 3 years as the Greenhouse Manager developing and organizing the fundamental structure of the day to day operations, experimenting with plant varieties, and formalizing the growing conditions in which our Aquaponics systems thrives. She has also created the engaging educational internship component essential to our operations. Now, she is passing down her well earned management skills, evolving into a more formal teaching role, and working on creating a farmer led Aquaponics course to show folks how we make this whole system run. Ashley is excited to be growing within the Metropolitan Farms team as the Education/Outreach Manager and, and hopes to empower and educate others about sustainable farming practices in the years to come.


Greenhouse Manager


Farmer’s Market Manager 

When not cracking jokes in the greenhouse, you might catch Sergio selling fish, pesto, and greens at your local farmer’s market with a big smile on his face. Sergio was born and raised in Chicago, and growing up in the city meant that his interactions with plants and the general environment were very limited. That all changed when he went to DePaul University and a course on environmental chemistry changed his life. Sergio completed his degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in sustainability, and a minor in Geography, but it was in his extracurricular activities that he discovered his green thumb. Sergio found his passion for growing, cultivating, and general farming while as a member of DePaul’s Urban Farming Organization. His favorite things about farming include providing local, safe, and healthy alternatives for food, working up a mean sweat, and comradery and unity among farmers. He values teamwork, understanding, and determination in a work environment; and he relishes the opportunity to demonstrate this as a team member of Metropolitan Farms. While at Metropolitan Farms Sergio hopes to grow as farmer, further advance his knowledge on aquaponics, and help build sustainable food systems in the city. Sergio’s hobbies include admiring the outdoors, soccer, reading (mostly comics), running (kinda), podcasts, and soaking up in-ring action at local wrestling shows.


Greenhouse Farmer